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What are you passionate about? What kindles your flames of passion?

Andrea Kainer Holi.jpg

Passion releases unimagined powers and gives almost superhuman qualities to those who possess it.

Focusing fully on one thing, THAT is the key to massive success! I have found this key in painting and my priority is to awaken this passion in others.

True devotion is what many people need nowadays!


My abstract art provides refuge into another world. An ideal world in which we feel a deep inner satisfaction and gain the opportunity to investigate our mental conflicts in more detail and grow beyond them.

With my dynamic, sometimes explosive paint fills, I try to breathe the often lost easiness of life into this conflicting world.


My art should encourage the viewers to believe in themselves and their strengths - because faith can move mountains. It should give wings and be inspiration to realise your full potential and give courage in difficult times. By giving my works a feel, I not only create more visual depth, but also make the power of thought tangible.


My way of presentation celebrates the power of strong faith and trust in oneself and unshakeable hope.

With my art, I want to create a world full of peace of mind and harmony, in which every person lives their full potential out of deep conviction of their own abilities.


Andrea Kainer, born in 1987 in Schwaz in Tyrol, has always had a creative nature, but she has reached her true destination via detours.


At the age of 28, there was a "mental breakdown" in her life. Through painting, she found her very own way of therapy, which was ultimately a resuscitation of her own world. From then on, she decided on her absolute fulfilment - the profession of an artist. Through the creative process, she loses all sense of space and time and enters a kind of meditative state to process the spiritual world.


Her art style is defined by experimenting with different media. Flowing colour and resin techniques are her element. Mixed media techniques with structures increase the expressiveness of her works and give them even more depth.


Andrea Kainer has already had national success with her art and art collectors have been showing an increasing interest in her works.

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